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Edge deburring machine

Edge deburring machine KEM 2-150

Edge deburring machines for flat sheets and formed work-pieces. The counter rotating tools remove the primary burr and round the edges.

KEM 2-150 with 2 units, Tool-Dia max. 150 mm.
KEM 2-150 Rear view, horizontally adjustable units.

The machines consist of a solid steel table equipped with brush strips or multidirectional rollers to protect the work-piece surface. The two brushing units are adjustable by stable linear guides. Depending of the adjustment of the units and execution of the tools, the work-piece edges will be rounded more or less.

Two units with counter rotating tools. Pressure beam with rollers to ensure a stable position of the work-pieces. Support table equipped with brush strips to protect the work-piece surface.
The units are each equipped with a extraction hood with suction port and must be connected to an external dust extractor.

Edge deburring maschine KEM 2

Tool-Dia.: max. 200 mm

KEM2-200 Edge deburring machine in heavy duty design with large table with multidirectional rollers, two brushing units and pressure beam to hold the workpieces. This machine is also available in smaller size and suited for individual requirements.

For at sheets.

Suitable for deburring edges at moulded and deep-drawn parts.

Delivery of the machines is complete with wire and plug, ready for connection to a CEE socket.